Terms & Conditions

By completing a sales contract the customer agrees to the general terms and conditions detailed below.

The following terms are to be understood according to the meanings given below.

GDC: GDC sa is the vendor, website owner and responsible for the atelierbikini.be website. 
(Contact : 14, rue du minister - B 1170 Bruxelles - Belgium / Reg.  BE19310104810812 / TVA BE19310104810812 / Phone : +32 2 675 45 12 / Email : contact@atelierbikini.be)

The Website: refers to the atelierbikini.be website in general.

The Online Shop: refers to the 'online shop' of the atelierbikini.be Website.

Product: items offered for sale in The Online Shop.

Customer: individual who has ordered one or more Products from The Online Shop.

Order: expression of the Customer's acceptance of a sale offer for Products featured on The Online Shop by clicking on 'Complete my purchase'.

Order Receipt Confirmation: automated email send to the Customer stating that his Order was successfully send to GDC.

Order Confirmation: email sent from GDC to the Customer, confirming the Products are in stock and ready to be shipped. This email seals the sales contract between the Customer and GDC.

Shipping: service provided by GDC to the Customer, involving the delivery of Products specifically ordered and confirmed in The Online Shop, to the location stated by the Customer.

1. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions

By clicking on the 'Complete my purchase' link the Customer confirms the Order and indicates his unreserved acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. (The current version of our general terms and conditions of sale may be found at any time on The Website)

2. Price

2.1 The prices of the Products are given in Euro including all taxes but excluding shipping fees.

2.2 The total price specified in the Order Confirmation email sent by GDC is the conclusive price including all taxes and shipping charges.

2.3 GDC reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.

3. Products

3.1 Products featured in The Online Shop are available for sale as long as those Products are in stock. Notice that Products that are single copies and cannot be reissued are considered as no longer available if out of stock.

3.2 If a Product or Products ordered are no longer available, GDC will inform the Customer by email. If the contract relates only to one Product that is unavailable the sale is considered as cancelled. In the event that only certain Products ordered are not available, the Customer may either cancel the contract in its entirety or retain the contract and request the delivery of the Products that are available. If the Customer fails to respond within 7 days, GDC will be entitled to cancel the sale without further notice.

3.3 Products that are no longer available will continue to be featured in The Online Shop with the caption 'sold out' with no engagement of reissuing the Product.

4. Order

4.1 Once the Product has been selected in The Online Shop and before the Order is confirmed, the Customer is required to enter personal details on the website of the payment service.

4.2 The Order is then summarised on the Website and must be confirmed by the Customer.

4.3 GDC confirms the receipt of the Order by an automated email. The Order Receipt Confirmation lists the Products ordered and gives the total cost. Then we check availability of the Product.

4.4 GDC confirms the Order by email. The Order Confirmation states the time and date of the confirmation. The contract will not be considered complete until the Order Confirmation is sent by GDC. Atelier Bikini dispatches the Product.

5. Secured Payments

5.1 Designbureau has chosen the online payment service PayPal for all transactions.

5.2 PayPal checks the accuracy of the bank details supplied by the Customer and informs him whether the transaction has been accepted or refused, before the Order is confirmed. Payment for the Products thus takes place through PayPal and will be listed on the Customer's Credit card statement.

5.3 The Customer's account will be debited immediately after the order has been confirmed by GDC.

5.4 In the case of out of stock or unavailable items, if the Customer has confirmed that he still wishes to proceed with the purchase of the other available Products ordered, the Customer's account will be debited only for the sum total of the Products actually received.

6. Shipping

6.1 Products will only be shipped by Atelier Bikini to the countries listed on the Website.

6.2 All Products are shipped from Atelier Bikini in Brussels by the postal service bpost. Shipping in Belgium is handled by the service 'Bpack 24h'. International shipping will be executed by the service 'Bpack World Light' and 'Bpack World'. For details about delivery times please visit bpost.be.

6.3 In the event that the Products are damaged or do not correspond to those ordered the Customer should contact GDC.

6.4 If the Customer is not present at the shipping address given by the Customer for the Order, or does not collect the Product in the indicated period by the local postal services, this may results in the return of the Product to the sender Atelier Bikini. This does not entitle the Customer to a reimbursement of the shipping charges.

6.5 GDC cannot be held responsible if the Products cannot be delivered as a result of an error in the delivery details indicated by the Customer. In the event of such an error occurring, the Customer will still be required to pay the shipping charges. The Customer should contact GDC to arrange a new delivery subject to an additional fixed fee on top of the shipping charges.

7. Returns

7.1 The Customer wishing to return Products must notify GDC of their intention by email.

7.2 The Products ordered must be returned within 14 days to GDC in order to receive a reimbursement by bank transfer to the account given by the Customer.

7.3 Initial handling and Shipping costs are not part of the refund. The cost of returning the goods is to be paid by the Customer.

7.4 Product returns address: 14, rue du Ministre B-1170 Bruxelles Belgium.

7.5 GDC guarantees all products we manufacture and sell to be free from defects. Products returned incomplete, damaged, soiled or altered in any way by the Customer will not be accepted for return. Atelier Bikini makes all efforts to send their Products in best conditions to their Customers. We ask our Customers to take a lot of care while opening parcel and unpacking our fragile Products. Inspect the parcel before opening. In case of damage or opened parcel or anything suspect we ask our client to inform GDC before unpacking.

7.6. Unique Products or limited editions may not be exchanged.

8. Responsibility

8.1 The Products featured in The Online Shop all comply with the current legislation of Belgium.

8.2 The photographs, diagrams and illustrations of the products featured in The Online Shop do not form part of the contract. GDC cannot, therefore, be held responsible for any errors or omissions in these photographs, diagrams or illustrations.

8.3 GDC cannot be held responsible for failure to fulfil the terms of the sales contract due to a stock shortage or a Product not being available.

8.4 GDC reserves the right to change or discontinue any part of this website or service without prior notice.

8.5 GDC is not responsible for any indirect damage or loss of opportunity arising from the purchase of Products.

8.6 GDC cannot be held responsible for any damage linked to an IT service, notably: damage resulting from the incorrect use of the Website, damage to the Customer's computer caused by a computer virus from the internet, the unauthorised reproduction and use of any element of the Website and damage as a result of data interception through computer hacking

8.7 GDC cannot be held responsible for any failure of access to the Website.

8.8 The customer is responsible to ensure that his login credentials (username and password) are kept secure and confidential and no other person may use this account to login to this website.

9. Intellectual Property

9.1 All elements of the Website are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of GDC and the designers.

9.2 GDC is entitled to prevent anybody to reproduce, exploit, re-transmit or use all or part of the elements of this Website, including the software, visual, videos and sound elements, for whatever reason.